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Wesley School of Divinity logo (8)Welcome to the Wesley School of Divinity – an online degree granting institution in the tradition of John Wesley and the Methodists.  Wesley Divinity School seeks to encourage scholarly study of the Bible and the theological teachings of James Arminius, John Wesley, the Methodist Revival, and the Holiness Movement.

Wesley School of Divinity is not an accredited institution.  The school is a means of guiding a student through his or her individually chosen area of study with structure, discipline, and advice resulting in appropriate recognition for the end product.

Currently, the Wesley School of Divinity grants the degrees of Master of Biblical Studies and Doctor of Biblical Studies in specific areas.  All degrees are “dissertation- (or thesis-) only” – that is, only a final dissertation or thesis suitable for publication that passes the standards of the school is required for the degree.

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John Wesley

The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity is available for persons who have attained a certain level of dedicated Christian service.

The honorary degree of Doctor of Arts in Christian Music is available for persons who have attained a certain level of dedicated Christian service in the area of Church music - either traditional or contemporary.

Though there are time limits for completion of a degree, and for each stage of the course of study; Studies are designed for busy professionals to complete in their homes on their own time.  The suggested time for completion of a degree program is one year with a maximum of two years for the doctorate and 18 months for the masters.

The Wesley School of Divinity is designed to be small so that personal attention can be offered to each student.

Fees and tuition for a course of study are kept to a minimum in order to make the cost of study reasonable for the student, while at the same time providing the reader/guide with an appropriate remuneration for time focused on the student and the student’s progress and work.

The course of study is also kept simple so that the student can focus on his or her area of study and produce a quality dissertation that is suitable for publication.

Communication between the student and the reader/guide shall be by email.  The email address for the The Wesley School of Divinity is Currently, fees and tuition are paid by check and sent by mail.

You may find the Wesley School of Divinity on FaceBook.

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