The Unofficial 2024 Girls High School State Rankings

  1. Kentucky Country Day School (KSLL)
  2. Louisville Eastern High School (KSLL)
  3. Louisville Sacred Heart Academy (KSLL)
  4. Louisville Assumption High School (KSLL)
  5. Louisville Collegiate School (KSLL)
  6. Louisville DuPont Manual High School (KSLL)
  7. Lexington Sayre School (CL)
  8. South Oldham High School (KSLL)
  9. Lexington Henry Clay High School (CL)
  10. Christian Academy of Louisville (KSLL)
  11. Louisville Mercy Academy (KSLL)
  12. Covington Notre Dame Academy (KSLL)
  13. Bowling Green High School (CL)
  14. South Warren High School (CL)
  15. Lexington Catholic School (CL)
  16. Lexington Paul Dunbar High School (CL)
  17. Lexington Frederick Douglass High School (CL)
  18. Louisville Atherton High School (KSLL)
  19. Lexington Lafayette High School (CL)
  20. North Oldham High School (KSLL)
  21. Oldham County High School (KSLL)
  22. Woodford County High School (CL)
  23. Louisville Ballard High School (KSLL)
  24. Georgetown Great Crossing High School (CL)
  25. Greenwood High School (CL)
  26. Louisville Male High School (KSLL)
  27. Union Ryle High School (KSLL)
  28. Lexington Tates Creek High School (CL)
  29. Shelbyville Collins High School (KSLL)
  30. Union Cooper High School (KSLL)
  31. Elizabethtown High School (CL)
  32. Central Hardin High School (CL)
  33. Shelby County High School (KSLL)
  34. Lexington Bryan Station High School (CL)
  35. Lexington Christian Academy (CL)
  36. Owensboro High School (Ind)
  37. Fort Mitchell Dixie Heights High School (KSLL)

2023 Training and Rating Dates Set by KLUB

Here is the schedule.  Returning umpires need only attend the rules interpretation and a breakout session for recertification.  A returning umpire need only to attend a field evaluation (rating event) if his or her rating will lapse before or during the season. Returning officials do not need to attend New Umpire Orientation, though newer officials may find if helpful.
New Umpires must attend a New Umpire Orientation as well as the Rules Interretation Clinic and a Breakout Session.  New Umpires who have already attended a NUO need not attend another.
Saturday, 21 January at Elizabethtown HS
9:00AM New Umpire Orientation
10:00AM Rules Interpretation Clinic (with coaches)
11:30AM Break Out Session for Level 1 and 2 Umpires
Sunday, 29 January at Sacred Heart Academy
12:00NN New Umpire Orientation
1:00PM Rules Interpretation Clinic (with coaches)
2:30PM Break Out Session for Level 1 and 2 Umpires
2:30PM Break Out Session for Level 2 and 3 Umpires
Level 2 Umpires may choose either session based on experience
Saturday, 4 February at Sayre School Main Campus
9:00AM New Umpire Orientation
10:00AM Rules Interpretation Clinic (with coaches)
11:30AM Break Out Session for Level 1 and 2 Umpires
There will be two field evaluation (rating event) opportunities:
Saturday, 25 February at Falling Springs Rec Center in Versailles, KY
For Levels 1 and 2 ratings and any Juniors in the Lexington area
This is a part of the 24-26 February preseason Woodford Jamboree.  I can get raters and ratees paid for games.
Sunday, 26 February at Sacred Heart Academy
For Level 3 ratings and any Juniors in the Louisville area (No Level 1 or 2)
Level 3 ratings require a three person crew on games.  I will not make Louisville Juniors go out of town.

A Comprehensive Training Process Designed to Produce Consistency for Girls' Lacrosse Umpires

LAX Signal 1 NeutralConsistency in officiating is a primary "demand" in all sports.  Sports officials should strive to be consistent for the sake of coaches, players, and spectators.

SliderLAX has produced a comprehensive training process designed to produce a consistent "product" on the field by Girls' Lacrosse Umpires.

The promotional video is available below.  Manuals, Powerpoint Presentations, and Videos are available on this website.