Penalty Administration

Slow Whistle (Flag) Decision Chart

LAX Signal 46 FlagThe decision to use a Slow Whistle (Flag) seems a complex thought process at first, but when experience is added to knowledge, the application of the slow whistle becomes easier and understandable.  Here is a chart to assist the Girls Lacrosse Umpire in applying the Slow Whistle.

Download Slow Whistle Decision Tree

Slow Whistle Decision Chart

2018 Penalty Reference Card

2018 LAX Penalty Admin Card Defense2018 LAX Penalty Admin Card Defense







If you want an easy reference for Girls' Lacrosse penalty administration, take a look at this reference card.  You may download and print the pdf files.  Laminate the two  printed cards making a front/back.  They should fit into the pocket of your uniform pants or shirt.

I suggest that you NOT refer to the cards during the game, but they are a good, quick reference for before the game, at halftime, or after the game.

Also, as a part of this file there is a sample improvements card.  Every Umpire should identify three parts of his or her game to improve.

Download 2018 LAX Penalty Administration Card