Beat the Umpire Challenge


Billing LogoThe local state girls Lacrosse officials organization (Kentucky Lacrosse Umpires Board) and the KY Coordinator for Officials Development concluded the "Beat the Umpires" Challenge with a drawing on Sunday, 16 May, 2020, at 6pm.

Every high school girls Lacrosse player in Kentucky was given the opportunity to take the same test as the Umpires take annually.  Players who scored eighty percent (80%) or above on the fifty (50) question test were eligible for the drawing for five (5) awards.  Players could take the test as often as they wanted, but could only qualify for the drawing once.

Each of the five awards was a check for $100.  The Kentucky Lacrosse Umpires Board provided the funds for the awards.  Five players' names were drawn on Sunday, 16 May, and their respective coaches have been informed.  The players' names have been withheld for purposes of confidentiality.  Because of the unique circumstances resulting in the cancellation of this season, checks are being sent from the KLUB treasurer to the coaches of the recipients, who will disburse the awards to their players.

One hundred and seventy-three (173) tests were taken by players (including multiple attempts).  Players from thirteen (13) teams throughout the state participated.  The average test score was seventy-two percent (72%).

Seventy-seven (77) tests had passing scores (including multiple attempts). Sixty-four (64) individual players from ten (10) different teams qualified for the drawing. Each qualifying player had a seven and eight-tenths percent (7.8%) chance of receiving an award.

The challenge was announced to players through coaches.  The challenge opened on or about 29 April and concluded on 15 May.

Of particular interest to the local officials organization (KLUB) is that twenty-five (25) players expressed an interest in officiating girls Lacrosse next year.

part of the agenda reason for the BEAT THE UMPIRES CHALLENGE was to improve sporting conduct and the flow of the game through increasing knowledge of the rules.

An analysis of the ten most-missed questions by players on the test provides information for coaching the game.

Five (half) of the top ten most-missed questions had to do with RESTARTS. Based on these test results players have some confusion concerning restarting play when a penalty is administered after a Major Foul is called in the field, after an Early Entry call, after an Alternate Possession, and after a carded Foul following an allowed goal.  There is also some confusion as to when a defender may engage a person with the ball during a self-start situation.

Two of the top ten most-missed questions had to do with the penalty administration for a THREE SECONDS call and a Major Foul that is OFF BALL.  Closely related to the confusion of this issues related to penalty administration is another of the ten most-missed questions - the clearing of the PENALTY ZONE.

Finally, there is some confusion concerning RETURNING THE BALL TO THE GOAL CIRCLE and OVERTIME PROCEDURES.

It is encouraged that coaches have a qualified umpire provide a rules seminar to players in the preseason period (January or February) or during off-season play.  These seminars could include parents and other interested persons and would be a means of also presenting the opportunity to become an official.

Hard Copy of the Test: Download 2020 Girls NFHS Rules Exam HARD COPY

The Ten Least Correctly Answered (AKA The Ten Most-Missed Questions: Download 2020 Ten Least Answered Correctly



Cartoon-woman-referee-running-a-cartoon-illustration-of-a-woman-referee-running-vector-clipart_csp57631001Attention Kentucky High School girls Lacrosse players!

You are invited to participate in the BEAT THE UMPIRES CHALLENGE.

This challenge is very simple: Every High School girls Lacrosse player in Kentucky is invited to take the 2020 NFHS Girls Lacrosse Test – the same as Umpires have to take every year.

100-dollar-bill-clip-art-nl63Ti-clipartYou may take the test as many times as you want.  ANY PLAYERS WHO SCORE EIGHTY PERCENT (80%) OR ABOVE WILL HAVE THEIR NAMES PLACED IN A DRAWING FOR FIVE (5) ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR ($100) PRIZES.  You may take the test as many times as you need to score 80%.

The test may be taken starting now.  The test will close on midnight Louisville/Lexington time on 15 May 2020.

The prizes in the form of a $100 check are being provided by the state girls Lacrosse officials’ association, KENTUCKY LACROSSE UMPIRES BOARD (KLUB).

Cartoon-illustration-man-referee-running-cartoon-man-referee-running-116278434The test is “open book,” you may use an NFHS rules book if you have one.  Rules books in eBook form may be used. With this email you are being provided a pdf copy of the 2020 US Lacrosse Officials Training Manual which is a good substitute for a rules book.  In addition, I am providing a list of umpires who have volunteered to be contacted to provide guidance to players taking the test. You may discuss the test with coaches or players.

The drawing for the prizes will take place on 16 May 2020. 

You enter the BEAT THE UMPIRES CHALLENGE by simply going online and taking the test.

Here is the link for the test: TAKE THE TEST NOW

At the end of the test there is an opportunity for you to express your interest in becoming a girls Lacrosse umpire next season – either as a high school student or graduate.  WE NEED MORE UMPIRES!