Area High School and NCAA/NAIA College Rankings - 11 April 2018
KSLL 2018 District Tournaments - May 7, 8, 9

Team and Conference Rankings as of 30 April 2018

LAX SticksAs of 30 April 2018 the following teams are the top five of the 32 teams in Kentucky based on the LaxPower RPI:

  1. Eastern High School (ranked 51st nationally)
  2. Sacred Heart Academy
  3. Kentucky Country Day School
  4. Louisville Collegiate School
  5. South Oldham High School

Teams in Kentucky are organized into two conferences or leagues, or they are independent.  These groupings are ranked by average RPI as follows:

  1. Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League (17 teams) - average RPI of .5336
  2. Independent (6 teams) - average RPI of .4483
  3. Commonwealth League (9 teams) - average RPI of .4363

The KSSL teams are further organized into districts.  So the "conferences" within Kentucky are ranked as follows:

  1. KSLL District 3 - average RPI of .5704 - teams in eastern Jefferson County and Shelby County
  2. KSLL District 4 - average RPI of .5326 - teams in Oldham County and Kenton County
  3. KSLL District 2 - average RPI of .5312 - teams in southeastern Jefferson County
  4. KSLL District 1 - average RPI of .5022 - teams in central Jefferson County
  5. Independent - average RPI of .4483 - some teams in and around Lexington, one team in Bowling Green, one team in Louisville
  6. CL - average RPI of .4363 - some teams in and around Lexington, one team in Elizabethtown, one team in Northern Kentucky


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