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Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League Crowns the 2024 Champion

Trophy-clip-art-png-favpng-wZ80h0hSJ465kBwnr3hm1bxBRKentucky Country Day School returned to the winners podium for the Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League.  Kentucky Country Day School defeated Louisville Eastern High School in the final game held at Assumption High School on 16 May 2024.

Kentucky Country Day School earned its way into the final game by defeating Louisville Assumption High School.  Eastern High School defeated Sacred Heart Academy to earn its way into the game.

Next year the Kentucky High School Athletic Association will be governing the sport of Girls Lacrosse and holding the post-season tournament.  Kentucky Country Day School becomes the final KSLL champion.

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First Semi-Final Crew: Hallie Bray, KLUB Chr; Gretchen Harris, Field; Dr. Kristen Eguren, Lead; Mary Cooksey, Table; Ashley Osborne, Field


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Second Semi-Final Crew: Dr. John Slider, Table; Jeremy Schmidt, Field; Matt Sallee, Lead; Laurel Grandinetti, Field


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Championship Crew: Dr. Trent Haffler, Lead; Dr. Kristen Eguren, Field; Matt Sallee, Field; Dr. John Slider, Table



Commonwealth League Crowns Champion for Last Season

Trophy-clip-art-png-favpng-wZ80h0hSJ465kBwnr3hm1bxBRThe Sayre School defeated Bowling Green High School on Saturday, 11 May 2024, to become the champions of Girls Lacrosse for the Commonwealth League.  The league consists of fifteen high school teams in the Lexingtion, Bowling Green, and Elizabethtown areas.

The Sayre School came into the game as champions of the West Region.  Bowling Green High School was champion of the West Region.

Next year the Kentucky High School Athletic Association will be governing the sport of Girls Lacrosse and holding the post-season tournament.

The Unofficial 2024 Girls High School State Rankings

  1. Kentucky Country Day School (KSLL)
  2. Louisville Eastern High School (KSLL)
  3. Louisville Sacred Heart Academy (KSLL)
  4. Louisville Assumption High School (KSLL)
  5. Louisville Collegiate School (KSLL)
  6. Louisville DuPont Manual High School (KSLL)
  7. Lexington Sayre School (CL)
  8. South Oldham High School (KSLL)
  9. Lexington Henry Clay High School (CL)
  10. Christian Academy of Louisville (KSLL)
  11. Louisville Mercy Academy (KSLL)
  12. Covington Notre Dame Academy (KSLL)
  13. Bowling Green High School (CL)
  14. South Warren High School (CL)
  15. Lexington Catholic School (CL)
  16. Lexington Paul Dunbar High School (CL)
  17. Lexington Frederick Douglass High School (CL)
  18. Louisville Atherton High School (KSLL)
  19. Lexington Lafayette High School (CL)
  20. North Oldham High School (KSLL)
  21. Oldham County High School (KSLL)
  22. Woodford County High School (CL)
  23. Louisville Ballard High School (KSLL)
  24. Georgetown Great Crossing High School (CL)
  25. Greenwood High School (CL)
  26. Louisville Male High School (KSLL)
  27. Union Ryle High School (KSLL)
  28. Lexington Tates Creek High School (CL)
  29. Shelbyville Collins High School (KSLL)
  30. Union Cooper High School (KSLL)
  31. Elizabethtown High School (CL)
  32. Central Hardin High School (CL)
  33. Shelby County High School (KSLL)
  34. Lexington Bryan Station High School (CL)
  35. Lexington Christian Academy (CL)
  36. Owensboro High School (Ind)
  37. Fort Mitchell Dixie Heights High School (KSLL)


6a00d835795ab169e201bb0a052219970dA big day for Kentucky Girls High School Lacrosse has arrived.  Saturday, May 11th, is the day when the two Girls High School Lacrosse Leagues overlap with their league tournaments.

These are the last tournaments for the two independent leagues.  In 2025 the Kentucky High School Athletic Association will hold its first Girls High School state championship.

The Commonwealth League Championship and All-Star game will be held at 11:30am at the athletic field of Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky.  Lexington Sayre School is playing Bowling Green High School.  Officials for both games are Miranda Bingham, Nick Franchino, Grace Goodbarn, Ala Hassan, and Steve Ranft.

The Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League begins its league post-season play with the tournament quarter finals on Saturday at four locations and times.  The eight teams participating in the quarter finals are the Champions and Runners-Up of the four regions in the league.  

The teams, locations, times, and officials for 11 May are:

  • South Oldham High School @ Louisville Eastern High School - 10:00am at Eastern HS; Kristen Eguren, Mary Cooksey, Gretchen Harris
  • Louisville Assumption High School @ Louisville Collegiate School - 1:30pm at Collegiate; Laurel Grandinetti, Amber Lynch, Gretchen Harris
  • Louisville DuPont Manual High School @ Louisville Sacred Heart Academy - 1:30pm at Sacred Heart; Matt Sallee, Hallie Bray, John Slider
  • Christian Academy of Louisville @ Kentucky Country Day School - 5:30pm; Hallie Bray, Matt Sallee, Bob Holthouser