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Sports fanThe guidance given by the Kentucky High School Athletic Association regarding expectations for the behavior of fans, spectators, and assistant coaches is a very good standard for Girls Lacrosse for the upcoming season.  This presentation follows the National Federation of High School's rules for Girls Lacrosse and other sports.  It is the standard that we should follow for 2024 - especially since Girls Lacrosse in Kentucky anticipates entering the KHSAA "family" for the 2024 season.  It is also appropriate that Girls Lacrosse be consistent with the standards and rules for all sports in the high schools in Kentucky.

Every Girls Lacrosse umpire assigned to High School and Middle School preseason, regular season, and postseason games in Kentucky is required  to review the KHSAA presentation by Julian Tacket, the head commissioner of the KHSAA, regarding sportsmanship - specifically contained in slides #14 and #15.  This link will be shared with the two commissioners of the leagues in Kentucky - the Commonwealth League and the Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League. Viewing these slides will take no more than 5 minutes. Read the rule regarding MISCONDUCT (Rule #12) in the 2024 NFHS Girls Lacrosse Rules Book.

In addition, there is an interesting video that has circulated on FaceBook concerning the high standard officials should be upholding for spectators.  This link is found below.

The Kentucky Lacrosse Umpires Board must start the process toward demanding appropriate behavior from spectators, players, coaches, and bench personnel.  This process will start with Umpires insisting on and enforcing appropriate and respectful behavior in accordance with the NFHS rules from ASSISTANT COACHES.  Spectators will often mimic the behavior of head and assistant coaches.  Strict enforcement of the rules for assistant coaches will have a ripple effect on spectators.  Here are some constructive instructions for this season:

  • Do not accept any questions or comments from assistant coaches.  If you cannot ignore the questions or comments, then card the head coach.
  • If an assistant coach is misbehaving, yellow card the head coach.  For the second infraction by an assistant coach, red card the head coach.  By NFHS rule the only way to remove the misbehaving assistant is to red card the head coach, then both are removed from the game.
  • If spectators are misbehaving, stop the game and have the game manager deal with the problem.  If the problem persists, have the spectator removed.  You may pause the game or stop the game completely if spectators become unruly.
  • The NFHS rules for Girls Lacrosse hold the head coach responsible for her or his spectators' behavior.  If the problem still persists, card the head coach.
  • AFTER THE GAME, the only card that carries any consequences is a red card.  If there is any misconduct from spectators, players, or coaches after the game, RED CARD THE PLAYER OR THE HEAD COACH.
  • Accept no personal comments about your judgement, abilities, or appearance from any source before, during, and after the game.
  • Both leagues follow the KHSAA in having ZERO TOLERANCE FOR RACIAL, OBSCENE, OR DEMEANING LANGUAGE directed toward any game participant - official, player, or coach.  If you observe words and identify an individual on the field using inappropriate language, the person should at a minimum receive a yellow card.  Such language from the bench need only be heard and a card issued against the head coach.
  • Officials should not use racial, obsence, or demeaning language.
  • Officials must show appropriate respect to players, spectators, coaches, and their partners on specific games or on games of any sport they are watching. Conversations between officials are not to be shared with ANYONE with the exception of investigations by the rules interpreter of complaints about specific games or conduct.
  • Access the 2023 KHSAA slides here.
  • 📸 Watch the NFHS video on Facebook CLICK HERE
  • Download Training Rule 12 Misconduct PPT
What Is Misconduct Chart
Coach Bench Spectator Misconduct

2023 Kentucky Girls Lacrosse High School Rankings (End of Season)

  1. Sacred Heart Academy (Jefferson) KSLL
  2. Kentucky Country Day School (Jefferson) KSLL
  3. Eastern High School (Jefferson) KSLL
  4. duPont Manual High School (Jefferson) KSLL
  5. Notre Dame Academy (Kenton) KSLL
  6. Lexington Catholic High School (Fayette) CL
  7. Sayre School (Fayette) CL
  8. Frederick Douglass High School (Fayette) CL
  9. Mercy Academy (Jefferson) KSLL
  10. South Oldham High School (Oldham) KSLL
  11. Bowling Green High School (Warren) CL
  12. Christian Academy of Louisville (Jefferson) KSLL
  13. Henry Clay High School (Fayette) CL
  14. Assumption Academy (Jefferson) KSLL
  15. Louisville Collegiate School (Jefferson) KSLL
  16. Lafayette High School (Fayette) CL
  17. Central Hardin High School (Hardin) CL
  18. Atherton High School (Jefferson) KSLL
  19. Paul Laurence Dunbar High School (Fayette) CL
  20. Great Crossing/Scott County High Schools (Scott) CL
  21. North Oldham High School (Oldham) KSLL
  22. Ballard High School (Jefferson) CL
  23. Ryle High School (Boone) Independent
  24. Woodford County High School (Woodford) CL
  25. Bryan Station High School (Fayette) CL
  26. South Warren High School (Warren) CL
  27. Oldham County High School (Oldham) KSLL
  28. Greenwood High School (Warren) CL
  29. Collins High School (Shelby) KSLL
  30. Cooper High School (Boone) CL
  31. Tates Creek High School (Fayette) CL
  32. Dixie Heights High School (Kenton) Independent
  33. Louisville Male High School (Jefferson) KSLL
  34. Elizabethtown High School (Hardin) CL
  35. Owensboro High School (Daviess) Independent