Welcome to the Wesley School of Divinity. Please explore this website to discover how you may complete your dissertation-only theological doctorate at low cost and at your own pace.

Welcome to the Wesley School of Divinity

Wesley School of Divinity logo (8)Welcome to the Wesley School of Divinity – an online degree granting institution in the tradition of John Wesley and the Methodists.  Wesley Divinity School seeks to encourage scholarly study of the Bible and the theological teachings of James Arminius, John Wesley, the Methodist Revival, and the Holiness Movement.

Wesley School of Divinity is not an accredited institution.  The school is a means of guiding a student through his or her individually chosen area of study with structure, discipline, and advice resulting in appropriate recognition for the end product.

Currently, the Wesley School of Divinity grants the degrees of Master of Biblical Studies and Doctor of Biblical Studies in specific areas.  All degrees are “dissertation- (or thesis-) only” – that is, only a final dissertation or thesis suitable for publication that passes the standards of the school is required for the degree.

John Wesley (2)
John Wesley

The honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity is available for persons who have attained a certain level of dedicated Christian service.

Though there are time limits for completion of a degree, and for each stage of the course of study; Studies are designed for busy professionals to complete in their homes on their own time.  The suggested time for completion of a degree program is one year with a maximum of two years for the doctorate and 18 months for the masters.

The Wesley School of Divinity is designed to be small so that personal attention can be offered to each student.

Fees and tuition for a course of study are kept to a minimum in order to make the cost of study reasonable for the student, while at the same time providing the reader/guide with an appropriate remuneration for time focused on the student and the student’s progress and work.

The course of study is also kept simple so that the student can focus on his or her area of study and produce a quality dissertation that is suitable for publication.

Communication between the student and the reader/guide shall be by email.  The email address for the The Wesley School of Divinity is WesleyDivinitySchool@gmail.com. Currently, fees and tuition are paid by check and sent by mail.

You may find the Wesley School of Divinity on FaceBook.

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Wesley School of Divinity Store

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The Faculty

W logoThe Wesley School of Divinity is small in order to be responsive to the needs of its students.  Studies are self-directed and individualized.  The student and his or her research, in effect, is the faculty of the school.

Mentors serve to guide the student, read and critique the student's work, and give final approval for the granting of the degree.

Current mentor for the Doctor of Biblical Studies:

John Wesley Slider (1)
Dr. John Wesley Slider
  • Rev. Dr. John Wesley Slider, B.A. (History), M.Div., D.Min.; post-graduate studies in Greek and Education; gradute-level studies at the Naval War College, the Marine Corps Command and Staff College, and the National Defense University; began pastoral service in 1979; ordained a Methodist minister in 1980; former adjunct faculty, Lindsey Wilson College; former instructor, The Basic School (USMC)

Current mentor for the Master of Biblical Studies:

  • Rev. Dr. John Wesley Slider

Administrator for the Doctor of Divinity:

  • Rev. Dr. John Wesley Slider

Dissertation or Thesis Format

How-to-pick-your-dissertation-topicThe dissertation or the thesis, depending on the degree you pursue, is only product of you course of study that will be public.  It is the only document upon which your work shall be evaluated and the degree awarded.  The dissertation or thesis should be of a high quality for publication.

It is important, therefore, that you use the high standards for scholarly and academic publications.  Please follow the format of the school for your dissertation or thesis.  If you have any questions or unusual circumstances, please contact your mentor.

Download Dissertation or Thesis Format

Dissertation or Thesis Proposal Format

Typing-on-computerThe first step in writing a dissertation or thesis is composing a proposal and having it approved by the school through your mentor.  The proposal should be a subject that is focused, yet broad enough to warrant the number of pages devoted to the subject in your dissertation or thesis.

The proposal should be about ten pages.  It is not graded.  The submitted proposal shall result in one of the following responses from the school:

  • Approved
  • Approved pending required revisions
  • Disapproved

Though the proposal is not graded, it will indicate the ability of the student to write in a scholarly and academic form.  Please pay close attention to the format for the proposal.   Download Dissertation or Thesis Proposal Format

Submit your proposal and appropriate fee to the school (see mailing address).  The "clock" starts on your degree work when the proposal has final approval.

Pay tuition by check or through PayPal here:


Disclosure to Students

Wesley School of Divinity logo (6)The Wesley School of Divinity provides students with the following statements in writing that are in accordance with KRS 164.947 (2), 13 KAR 1:020 Section 8(8)(b), the Kentucky Application for Religious in‐State College Letter of Exemption, and Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).  This disclosure is posted on the website and provided to students with a letter of acceptance.

Download Disclosure to Students

Credit Hours, Recognition of Degrees, and Transfer of Credit

Masters-degreeThe Wesley School of Divinity considers the completed dissertation-only Doctor of Biblical Studies and the guidance provided by the mentor to be forty-five (45) credit hours of study and instruction.

The Wesley School of Divinity considers the completed thesis-only Master of Biblical Studies and the guidance provided by the mentor to be thirty (30) credit hours of study and instruction.

No credit hours from other institutions may be transferred into any course of study at the Wesley School of Divinity.

The Wesley School of Divinity shall assist the student or graduate in his or her desire to have the degree or study to be recognized by another entity (school, denomination, etc.) or to transfer credit to another educational institution.  The Wesley School of Divinity makes no guarantees that its degrees shall be recognized by any other school or denomination. 

Since the Wesley School of Divinity records no “credit hours” for the dissertation, the mentor or registrar of the school shall help the student who wishes to transfer credits to construct a transcript for work accomplished.  There may be a fee involved in these efforts.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Doctorate DegreeThe only scholarships that are currently available are for veterans and Free Methodist clergy.  Veterans and ordained Free Methodist elders shall receive a ten percent (10%) reduction in all fees and tuition.  If a person is both a veteran and a Free Methodist elder, he or she shall receive a twenty percent (20%) reduction in all fees and tuition. 

A veteran must submit a copy of his or her DD-214 (or retirement document).  Only veterans who are honorably discharged (or equivalent for officers) shall be given the scholarship.

Free Methodist elders should give evidence of their ordination by submitting a copy of their orders or transfer of orders.

No other financial aid is available at this time.

Scholarships, refunds, and other reductions are paid by check after the full tuition is received.

Tuition, Fees, and Refund

BooksThe Wesley School of Divinity does not want to consume the student's time or financial resources.  The school limits the time commitment and lowers the cost dramatically. No other online dissertation/thesis only degree program can approach the cost-effectiveness of the Wesley School of Divinity.  The Wesley School of Divinity offers such a low-cost alternative because the work is a ministry, not a source of income for the mentors.

The simple tuition and fee schedule for the degrees is based on the student’s pace of study.  Tuition and fee are submitted when the student has completed a specific stage in the course. 

The student does not withdraw from the program, but simply stops producing the work required.  Refunds for the course of study, therefore, are not required or offered.

The only fee refunded is the application fee.  The application fee is refunded in full only if the applicant is not granted admission.

If the set time for the completion of the respective degree programs lapses, then the student is considered to have withdrawn with no penalty.  The student may apply again for admission and tuition and fees may be negotiated.

Any scholarships, refunds, or reductions shall be paid to the student by check after the full tuition is paid.

Physical Facilities

WSD Campus (2)The elimination of the need for "bricks and mortar" campuses through the growth of the Internet has allowed for the development of high-quality, low-cost, and convenient programs of Christian education.  The Wesley School of Divinity, therefore, has no physical facilities.  The mentors' research library for the Wesley School of Divinity is located at 239 Breckenridge Lane, St. Matthews, Kentucky, which is also the location of Breckenridge Chapel, Free Methodist Church.  The school has no formal relationship with the church or the denomination.

The Purpose of the Wesley School of Divinity

Wesley School of Divinity logo (8)The purpose of the Wesley School of Divinity is to maximize current technology in order to provide high-quality, convenient, low-cost continuing education for busy persons in Christian ministry and service, whether laity or clergy through dissertation-only doctorates and thesis-only masters degrees; and to recognize past experience and service through an honorary doctorate.