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A Comprehensive Training Process Designed to Produce Consistency for Girls' Lacrosse Umpires

LAX Signal 1 NeutralConsistency in officiating is a primary "demand" in all sports.  Sports officials should strive to be consistent for the sake of coaches, players, and spectators.

SliderLAX has produced a comprehensive training process designed to produce a consistent "product" on the field by Girls' Lacrosse Umpires.

The promotional video is available below.  Manuals, Powerpoint Presentations, and Videos are available on this website. 

2018 Girls Lacrosse Signals for Umpires

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The following videos present the signals used by umpires to communicate during games.

Signals for Minor Fouls (4 minutes)  

Signals for Major Fouls (4 minutes) 

Signals for Violations (2 and 1/2 minutes) 

Signals for Game Management (2 and 1/2 minutes) 

Signals for Crew Communication (2 minutes) 

Officials Development, State Coordinator, US Lacrosse

I am pleased to announce that I have been named as the Women's Game Kentucky State Coordinator, Officials Development, for US Lacrosse.

US Lacrosse Officials Development State Coordinators serve as the primary liaison for their state in connection with US Lacrosse. They will primarily assist with gathering and providing information to and from the Local Officiating Organizations, Certified Trainers, Observers and Assignors in their state throughout the year. They will work with US Lacrosse staff and the Region Coordinator directly to help identify areas of strength, need and opportunity for officials development throughout their state.

The State Coordinators specific duties are:

  • Assist with the selection and facilitation of Certified Trainers and Observers within their region.
  • Provide expertise, advice and direction to the Local Officiating Organizations to assist with the overall development of officials and officiating leadership in their area.
  • Communicate and coordinate directly with US Lacrosse Regional Development and Officials Development Staff to provide information and support for officiating needs.
  • Identify up and coming officials and those experiencing difficulty in developing to differentiate support as needed.
  • Deliver timely and relevant communications, education, certification, programs and support to the officiating communities within their state.
  • Participate in monthly conference calls with the Region Coordinators and other leaders in their region.
  • Complete an annual assessment report on their state.

Fortunately, I shall be able to maintain my involvement as a Women's Game Umpire in Kentucky.  Unfortunately, In order to avoid any appearance of conflict, I am required to resign my position as Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-elect with the Kentucky Lacrosse Umpires Board.

I have communicated both my acceptance of this position and my resignation to the KLUB Executive Committee in the letters attached below.

I look forward to being of greater service to the Women's Lacrosse community in the future.

- John Slider

Kentucky Country Day Repeats as KSLL Girls Lacrosse State Champions

LAX SticksThe 2018 Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse Leaague Girls Lacrosse State Championship Game was held on Thursday, May 17, at Assumption Green.  Kentucky Country Day School defeated Sacred Heart Academy to repeat as KSLL champions.

The season ended with the following schools as the top five ranked programs according to LAXPower RPI rankings:

  1. Eastern High School, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL) 21-4, .6776 RPI (90th nationally)
  2. Kentucky Country Day School, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL) 21-5, .6730 RPI (100th nationally)
  3. Sacred Heart Academy, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL) 23-4, .6539 RPI (164th nationally)
  4. Mercy Academy, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL)
  5. Woodford County Club Team, Versailles, Kentucky (CL)
  6. Notre Dame Academy, Covington, Kentucky, (KSLL)
  7. duPont Manual High School, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL)
  8. Ballard High School, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL)
  9. South Oldham High School, Crestwood, Kentucky (KSLL)
  10. Louisville Collegiate School, Louisville, Kentucky (KSLL)

Final Four Set for the 2018 KSLL Championship

LAX SticksThe final four teams are set for the KSLL Championship.  The semi-finals are to be held on Tuesday, May 15, 2018, at the Assumption Green Athletic Field starting at 5:30pm.  The winners of these two games will meet on Thursday, May 17, 2018, also at Assumption Green at 6pm for the championship game.

One semi-final is Mercy Academy (KSLL District 2 Runner-Up with an 8-5 record)* v. Kentucky Country Day School (District 3 Champion, 19-5). The other semi-final is Eastern High School (District 3 Runner-Up, 21-3) v. Sacred Heart Academy (District 2 Champion, 22-3).

The final four teams are also the top four teams ranked by RPI in the state.

  1. Eastern High School - .6904 RPI, #62 in the nation**
  2. Kentucky Country Day School - .6635 RPI, #129 in the nation
  3. Sacred Heart Academy - .6500 RPI, #177 in the nation
  4. Mercy Academy - .6046 RPI, #418 in the nation

Notes: * All statistics are from LAXPower. **There are 3,454 High School Girls Lacrosse teams in the nation ranked by LAXPower.

KSLL 2018 District Tournaments - May 7, 8, 9

The 2018 Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League District Tournaments will be played on May 7, 8, and 9.  Please contact your local coach for locations and times.

Based on current information the following are the seedings and scheduled games for the first round. The district champions and runners-up qualify for the eight-team state tournament.

District 1

Male (4) v. Presentation (5) @ Collegiate (Monday)

Collegiate (1) v. Male/Presentation @ Collegiate (Tuesday 5:30pm)

Manual (2) v. Ballard (3) @ Collegiate (Tuesday 7:00pm)

District 2

Sacred Heart (1) v. Atherton @ Mercy (Monday)

Mercy (2) v. Assumption @ Mercy (Monday)

District 3

Kentucky Country Day (1) v. ML Collins (4) @ Christian Academy (Monday)

Eastern (2) v. Christian Academy (3) @ Christian Academy (Monday)

District 4

South Oldham (1) v. North Oldham (4) @ Notre Dame (Monday)

Oldham (2) v. Notre Dame (3) @ Notre Dame (Monday)

Team and Conference Rankings as of 30 April 2018

LAX SticksAs of 30 April 2018 the following teams are the top five of the 32 teams in Kentucky based on the LaxPower RPI:

  1. Eastern High School (ranked 51st nationally)
  2. Sacred Heart Academy
  3. Kentucky Country Day School
  4. Louisville Collegiate School
  5. South Oldham High School

Teams in Kentucky are organized into two conferences or leagues, or they are independent.  These groupings are ranked by average RPI as follows:

  1. Kentucky Scholastic Lacrosse League (17 teams) - average RPI of .5336
  2. Independent (6 teams) - average RPI of .4483
  3. Commonwealth League (9 teams) - average RPI of .4363

The KSSL teams are further organized into districts.  So the "conferences" within Kentucky are ranked as follows:

  1. KSLL District 3 - average RPI of .5704 - teams in eastern Jefferson County and Shelby County
  2. KSLL District 4 - average RPI of .5326 - teams in Oldham County and Kenton County
  3. KSLL District 2 - average RPI of .5312 - teams in southeastern Jefferson County
  4. KSLL District 1 - average RPI of .5022 - teams in central Jefferson County
  5. Independent - average RPI of .4483 - some teams in and around Lexington, one team in Bowling Green, one team in Louisville
  6. CL - average RPI of .4363 - some teams in and around Lexington, one team in Elizabethtown, one team in Northern Kentucky

Area High School and NCAA/NAIA College Rankings - 11 April 2018

Lacrosse Ball in Stick (3)Area teams (high school and college) are enjoying successes according to the RPI by PowerLAX as of 11 April 2018.

Listed in the top 100* (out of 3474 high school teams in the nation) are the following Kentucky teams:

  • 9th Eastern High School (Middletown)
  • 44th Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville)
  • 72nd Ballard High School (Louisville)

The top five ranked* teams by RPI in Kentucky are:

  1. Eastern High School (Middletown)
  2. Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville)
  3. Ballard High School (Louisville)
  4. duPont Manual High School (Louisville)
  5. South Oldham High School (Crestwood)

Note *: High school teams must have reported 5 or more games in order to be ranked according to RPI.

The University of Louisville is currently ranked 40th nationally among the 115 NCAA D1 teams.

The following area teams are ranked in the top 25 nationally among the 141 NCAA D1 and NAIA teams:

Center College in Danville, Kentucky, is the highest nationally ranked NCAA D3 area team at 33rd out of 286.


Kentucky High School Teams Ranked in Top 100 in the Nation

LAX SticksAs of Spring Break 2018, Kentucky High Schools have several teams ranked in the Top 100 in the nation according to the RPI at LaxPower.  There are 714 high school teams currently listed (as of 4 April 2018).  A minimum of 5 games must be reported for a team to be ranked.

Here are the Kentucky teams:

5. Eastern High School (Louisville, KY)

23. Sacred Heart Academy (Louisville, KY)

39. Ballard High School (Louisville, KY)

63. duPont Manual High School (Louisville, KY)

81. South Oldham High School (Crestwood, KY)