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I have quit AARP because I do not agree with there views. I do not agree with Obamacare and any thing else that is left leaning, socialistic with our Government. I agree totally with your coservative statements on all issues.
I am 80 years old and I am a veteran of the Korean war. I wii vote to get that free border guy out of my house in Washington.

I would like some information about your health care, no I do not agree with anything about Obama's health care or his administration. It is evil and we are on the down hill slide . God is not pleased with the abortions, and all the evil that is taking place.

I love ObamaCare! Previously, I had been turned down for insurance because of some minor health issues I had which are mostly due to the fact that I am over 50 years old. Because of ObamaCare I am now covered and if I ever get really sick, they can't throw me off my insurance! Insurance is still way too expensive --those crooks collude on their prices-- and some days I fear I'll be working until I am 90, especially if the Republicans get their way, but for right now, I am safe! What a relief. Thank God for President Obama and I hope there is a special hell for the Republicans who only represent the rich.

That is interesting that you are now covered by the federal government, because "Obamacare" does not begin until 2014. Who is paying for your health care now? I am glad things are working for you. It seems that for you it is "all about you." I look forward to the evidence you have on the collusion of the insurance companies; and I hope you will expand and explain your theological statement at the end.

It is amazing that people want the governement to be like their parents, when the government is not concerned about most of these people. When I was young, I was one of those idealistic democrats, and then they were not off the cliff as they are today, wanting us to become socialists,share the wealth, or distribution of wealth, kill the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, take the rights away from us because the government believes they know what is best for us. I want to see people have the opportunities of success, without the government. I am against big governement, and I am switching from AARP to Associaton of Mature American Citizens because I can no longer support an organization like AARP that is a liberal/far left instrument. God bless America, and someday we will get our country back, the country that will boost the downtrodden,(teach them how to fish rather than them making them dependent) and give the hard working person the opportunities s/he should always have, not punish them with highter taxes, more regulations.

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